Junk Thoughts

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Junk Thoughts

Similar to junk food tasty and fun but of little value and ultimately damaging are the secular messages sent to our brains every day. Take, for example, the message offered by a recent television ad campaign: “Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.” To the average listener (Christian or non-Christian) this pleasantly presented is tasty, pithy, memorable and classic junk food for the brain. The “principle” stated is totally opposed to Scripture. Yet if we hear the message often enough, before long we may find ourselves not only believing it, but also living it out, like all the pagans around us.

This is one example of hundreds of junk food thoughts offered us every day. In fact, if we ever hope to think correctly about the danger of receiving “junk thoughts” from the world system, we need to understand that during the past decades, North America has changed its mind dramatically. Culturally, it has moved from thinking patterns based on Scripture to a decidedly secular pattern of thought.

Intellectually, it has rejected thinking processes based on objective biblical evidence to foregone conclusions that automatically exclude the supernatural. Philosophically, it has moved away from the concepts of truth, morality, ethics, and virtue toward the belief that there are no absolutes and that everything is relative.




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