Born Old

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Born Old

Elderly Christians tend to be thoughtful, kind, patient and loving. Through years of imitating Christ they have grown more and more into his image. Physical health may be failing, or the eyesight growing dim, the hearing failing, but there is no reason to lose heart. “The inner nature is being renewed every day.” And these saints are more lovely than they have ever been. For those who dislike the passing years, suppose the process were reversed. You would start living at an old age and every day be a little younger. Every day you would know a little less than you knew the day before. You would start off with your grandchildren but in a few years they would all be gone. Your family, instead of growing, would constantly be diminishing. You would eventually get to the age where you start to college. You would start off a senior and end up in the first grade. Now, little first graders are cute with their short pants or little pink dresses, but I would hate to think I would have to be one again. Old age has its drawbacks, but being a tiny baby is a lot worse. If you were getting younger, you would have to look forward to losing everything and end up by being a helpless baby with a bottle. Finally, you would just fade away. When it is put like that, it is easy to see the advantage of growing older rather than shrinking younger. In the spiritual realm, who would want his faith to grow weaker day by day? Who would want to see his Christ-like qualities diminish with the passing of time? Who would want to give up the personal experiences where God has proven His faithfulness time and again in one’s own life.

Experience is a great teacher. We are confident that:

Isaiah 40:31

     31     Yet those who wait for the Lord

Will gain new strength;

They will mount up with wings like eagles,

They will run and not get tired,

They will walk and not become weary.




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