When the curtain rises

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When the curtain rises and the play begins, we see and hear the actors and actresses tell a story. But the most important person in the play is not on the stage. The director is the one who has instructed the cast for months before on where to stand and sit and when and how to say a line. The director is behind the scenes giving final instructions, touching up makeup and encouraging the players. The play is a success because of the director, who has orchestrated every detail of the play.

In the book of Esther God is not mentioned, but he is the key figure in the story. He works through the circumstances to place everything in order so that his plans will be accomplished.

God is the director of our lives as well. He puts all the pieces in just the right places and knits everything together. As we look back at different times in our lives, we can see his handprints all over.




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