A Letter from Satan to His ‘Friend’

Dear “Friend,”

I visited your Sunday school service and was overjoyed to see that many of your class members were absent. I was thrilled to see that those who came were late, or tired and sleepy during the Sunday School lesson and also the sermon.

I rejoiced in hearing some of the lessons that were not well prepared, and that many of you just did not care. Of course, it is devilish to see some of you leave after Sunday school and not get your souls fed in the worship service.

Sunday is always one of my favorite days because that is the day I do some of my best work getting Christians to stay home and watch television, or getting involved in sports and all sorts of “recreation.”

I howl with laughter each time I see many of you fail to give much of your tithes and offerings; you make the board and minister squirm and fret over tight budgets and this takes away some of their effectiveness for the Enemy.

I hope you will miss services again this Sunday. Stay home where it is warm, and it will help you get used to the future climate. And one thing more do not let them get you to become a “born again” Christian!