We have been building quality Custom Real Wood Furniture, Custom Cabinetry, Counter Tops, Furniture Repairs & Refinishing, since 1971. This is a shop comprised of craftsman serving the Local community. You can be assured of attention to detail that is simply impossible with pre-built factory Furniture and Cabinetry.

We are a small shop by design believing that only in this environment can real craftsmen practice their trade free from the demands of factory production lines. We retain the ideals of the small custom wood shop of the past but we use some of the most advanced technologies of the New Economy. We use advanced computer design software. We also use electronic purchasing and communications. The result is the quality and craftsmanship of the past combined with the efficiencies of the new electronic age. You the customer benefits from this combination providing you with a quality product and personal service.

We still believe in the craftsman building one at a time. We specify only the finest materials from the leading industry suppliers for your project. In these days of cheap imported copies of almost anything, it is nice to know you will get the real thing, a quality product from a trusted source.

Professional Craftsman, Cabinetmaker, Furniture Maker, Repair and Refinisher since 1971.

Our products are built for your application not mass-produced.

My wife and I hope to do business with you, “we care about your wood

Our Services are Custom Furniture, Furniture Repairs, Custom Cabinet Doors, WoodCrafts and Craft show vendor.

Owners: Daryle & Linda Johnson

web: darylejohnson.com
email: woodcraftdarylejohnson@outlook.com


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